The Vézelay Basilica, built on top of a hill, is the very centre of attraction in this region. This nearly one thousand year old church dedicated to Mary Magdalene is a masterpiece of the medieval cathedral builders. Not so much for its size but for the special encounter between stone and light. The path of the sun over the basilica represents a certain symbolism.
relikwieIn the crypt, part of the relics of Mary Magdalene still exist. About their origin and authenticity several different stories are told. Fascinating reading matter!
In 1979, the village and the basilica were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its picturesque streets and shops, Vézelay is well worth a visit.
Various restaurants are located at the foot of the hill. They offer a wide choice for every budget. When walking uphill towards the basilica, you will encounter several other nice places to eat along the road.
The parking spaces in the town of Vézelay are all fee-paying. You can also drive your car up to the basilica and park there. The tourist office in Vézelay will be pleased to inform you about the different museums and places of interest, and of course give you detailed information on the basilica and the many events organized in and around this beautiful place.